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Bond Builder - Keratine Boost

Kis KeraBoost - 5 steps Keratine Infusion

Beschrijving van de dienst

The Keratin Infusion System from Kis proves that there is always room for improvement. KIS combines the best of American and European haircare into a complete and unique haircare line. The system contains a revolutionary formula that focuses on restoring hair from within. American haircare is known for being advanced in repairing the condition of the hair whereas European haircare is at the forefront when it comes to techniques in colouring and perms. KIS brings the best of these two worlds together in one revolutionary hair care line, with the common denominator for all products: the Keratin Infusion System. KeraBond protects, repairs and strengthens severely damaged and brittle hair through amino acids in different molecular sizes, supplemented with jojoba oil, wheat protein and panthenol. KeraBond from KIS is vegan, free of parabens, sulfates and formaldehyde! The result is perfect, strong hair.

  • 45 minuten
  • Vanaf 35 euro
  • Leharstraat 113


  • Leharstraat 113, Tilburg, Holandia



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